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RJ Spring Rubber and Metal Parts Manufacturing Corporation
Specializes in the Manufacture of all kinds of :

  • Coil Springs - We specialized in all kinds of springs such as compression, torsion, tension and spherical springs used for different industries such as automotive, electronics, bottling, construction and mining. We have an AUTOMATIC COILING MACHINE that can produced thousands of spring in an hour.

  • Stabilizer Bars & Spring Clips V shaped round bar spring to be fixed to the axles of vehicles to ensure safe driving by reducing coiling.

  • Rubber Products anti shock rubber products and the likes such as Rubber Oil Seal, O-ring, Gasket, U-cap, Roller and Bushing w/c are resistant to oil, water and heat.

  • Flat Springs Complete sets of grid springs for bottle guides, flat springs for textile machines like balloon springs, blade spring, serration for soap machines.

  • Disc Springs precision Belleville springs used singly or in stack to achieve desired load and travel, used to replace coil springs for economical and improved design.

  • Stamping Products - Step board bracket for automotive, washers and any kinds of metal that can be cut, bend and punch by machine.

  • Wire Bending - We also Specialized in bending different sizes of wires such as seat frames and doorlinks for automotive industries.

  • Metal and Engineering Plastic Fabrication fabrication of all sizes, shapes and special metal for specific needs of our customers. (ex. machine spare parts)

  • Nickel Serrated/Blade Springs Spring steel rotary blades are made through high level of heat treatment technique, usually used by leading agricultural and cultivator companies.

  • Spring Wires hard drawn, polished wire in coil, all sizes are available in Japanese brand, American wire and German wire. We also SELL different sizes and kinds of spring wires depends on our customers needs. We are a DIRECT IMPORTER from different countries for our materials.

  • Mould, Dies and Jigs Fabricator - We also have an INTERNAL rubber mould, stamping die, jigs and spring mould fabrication.
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